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SCORE CUSIP NAME -----------------GROUP 1 0.76 886364660 TIDAL ETF TR ZEGA BUY AND HED 0.60 37954Y459 GLOBAL X FDS RUSSELL 2000 0.41 78467V707 SSGA ACTIVE ETF TR ULT SHT TRM BD 0.40 37954Y475 GLOBAL X FDS S&P 500 COVERED 0.33 78464A292 SPDR SER TR ICE PFD SEC ETF 0.29 42830K103 - HEXION INC. (HXOH, CIK-13239) 0.28 46435U853 ISHARES TR BROAD USD HIGH (CIK-1100663) 0.27 46641Q878 J P MORGAN EXCHANGE-TRADED F HIGH YLD RESRCH 0.26 72201R205 PIMCO ETF TR 1-5 US TIP IDX 0.26 46138E719 INVESCO EXCH TRADED FD TR II FNDMNTL HY CRP (CIK-1378872) 0.25 37954Y483 GLOBAL X FDS NASDAQ 100 COVER 0.25 464289883 ISHARES TR CONSER ALLOC ETF -----------------GROUP 2 0.44 78468R408 SPDR SER TR BLOOMBERG SHT TE 0.43 78467V608 SSGA ACTIVE ETF TR BLACKSTONE SENR 0.35 78468R622 SPDR SER TR BLOOMBERG HIGH Y (CIK-1064642) 0.27 92189F437 VANECK ETF TRUST FALLEN ANGEL HG 0.27 46138G508 INVESCO EXCH TRADED FD TR II SR LN ETF 0.25 46138E354 INVESCO EXCH TRADED FD TR II S&P500 LOW VOL (CIK-1378872) -----------------GROUP 3 0.35 78464A409 SPDR SER TR PRTFLO S&P500 GW 0.30 78464A508 SPDR SER TR PRTFLO S&P500 VL - STATE STREET BANK & TRUST CO (CIK-93748) -----------------GROUP 4 0.33 78464A284 SPDR SER TR NUVEEN BLOOMBERG (CIK-1064642) 0.32 46138G805 INVESCO EXCH TRADED FD TR II TAXABLE MUN BD (CIK-1378872) 0.30 37954Y657 GLOBAL X FDS US PFD ETF 0.28 46090A887 INVESCO ACTIVELY MANAGED ETF ULTRA SHRT DUR 0.28 92189F429 VANECK ETF TRUST PREFERRED SECURT 0.26 72201R817 PIMCO ETF TR INV GRD CRP BD (CIK-1450011) 0.26 78468R788 SPDR SER TR PRTFLO S&P500 HI 0.25 921932778 VANGUARD ADMIRAL FDS INC SMLCP 600 VAL 0.25 72201R783 PIMCO ETF TR 0-5 HIGH YIELD -----------------GROUP 5 0.33 464287432 ISHARES TR 20 YR TR BD ETF (CIK-1100663) -----------------GROUP 6 0.32 233051432 DBX ETF TR XTRACK USD HIGH 0.30 78464A383 SPDR SER TR PORTFLI MORTGAGE (CIK-1064642) 0.30 78464A201 SPDR SER TR S&P 600 SMCP GRW 0.29 92189H300 VANECK ETF TRUST JP MRGAN EM LOC (CIK-1137360) 0.29 78463X756 SPDR INDEX SHS FDS S&P EMKTSC ETF 0.29 78464A375 SPDR SER TR PORTFOLIO INTRMD (CIK-1064642) 0.28 78468R200 SPDR SER TR BLOOMBERG INVT 0.27 78468R101 SPDR SER TR PORTFOLIO SH TSR 0.27 78464A839 SPDR SER TR S&P 400 MDCP VAL 0.26 78468R606 SPDR SER TR PORTFLI HIGH YLD (CIK-1064642) 0.25 78468R861 SPDR SER TR BLOOMBERG 1 10 Y -----------------GROUP 7 0.31 464287457 ISHARES TR 1 3 YR TREAS BD (CIK-1100663) 0.26 464288661 ISHARES TR 3 7 YR TREAS BD -----------------GROUP 8 0.30 78464A474 SPDR SER TR PORTFOLIO SHORT 0.28 78463X509 SPDR INDEX SHS FDS PORTFOLIO EMG MK 0.26 78464A649 SPDR SER TR PORTFOLIO AGRGTE 0.26 78467V848 SSGA ACTIVE ETF TR SPDR TR TACTIC 0.25 78468R853 SPDR SER TR PORTFOLIO S&P600 -----------------GROUP 9 0.27 464287242 ISHARES TR IBOXX INV CP ETF (CIK-1100663) 0.26 464288513 ISHARES TR IBOXX HI YD ETF (CIK-1100663)
Current >= 1PCT 13G/D investors (PCT = percent of company):
Current >= 1PCT 13F investors (PCT = percent of total AUM):
PCT CIK NAME 42.85% 1843358 Mach-1 Financial Group, Inc. 2.25% 1551727 MACROVIEW INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LLC 1.04% 1906683 MAS Advisors LLC